Safely Re Opening Your Salon After COVID-19 Lockdown

With the current Government guidlines suggesting that Beauty Salons and Hairdressers will be able to reopen, no earlier than July 4th, preparations to get "back to business" may result in an environment that will be a lot different than they were before the lockdown.


Whatever you've been doing during the lockdown, now is the time to start thinking about what changes need to be made to create an environment that is safe for yourselves, your staff and your clients. 

Although no specific Government advice has been published yet for beauty salons and hairdressers, some simple guidelines can be followed:


Ensure hands are washed before and after every client

One of the main points the government has tried to put out is for us to wash our hands regularly, to stop the spread of the virus. By providing hand-sanitisers and using paper towels to dry hands on, instead of using a shared towel, should help towards keeping germs at bay.


Clean down after every client

After a treatment is complete, workstations and tools used should be thoroughly cleaned to stop the risk of the virus (if any) passing onto the next client. Research has shown that the virus could last on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces for upto 7 days and wood upto 2 days.


Wear disposable gloves

Most salons provide treatments where contact with the client is unavoidable. Ensuring you staff are wearing gloves should help in reducing any physical contact between skin or hair. Even though prices for disposable gloves has sky-rocketed recently, due to higher demand, it is advisable to dispose of them after each client.


Wear face masks

Wearing a face mask will not only stop you breathing in any particles that may contain the virus, but will also prevent them from being transmitted by you. With some salons having an elderly client base, this also will make you clients feel more at ease when coming in for treatments.


Don't over crowd the salon

Hopefully, once salons reopen, everyone will want to be rid of their lockdown roots and overgrown acrylics, however keeping the number of people in the salon to a minimum will be easier to follow the social distancing rules of 2 meters. Remember, when booking in clients, to give yourself enough time to clean down and sanitise your workstations after every client.


Show how you are dealing with the situation

Place a notice in your salon window explaining the measures you are taking to ensure the safety of your clients and staff. Outline any rules you have put in place so that clients are left feeling at ease.


These changes are going to affect pretty much every business, not only the hair and beauty industry, and will probably be in place for quite a while before things start to get back to "normality".